Well-Being – BEING ME

What is it that you may not currently be aware of that could change how you see yourself, others and the world around you?

BEING ME is a 12 module Personal Immersion programme which shines light on what you may not currently be aware of and why you may just feel like you are caught up on the hamster wheel of life.

This eye opening and thought provoking programme has the power to literally blow your mind wide open.

This programme will challenge what you currently believe to be true about yourself, others and life itself, and will:

  • Enable you to understand how you create thoughts and what really lies underneath your current thinking, emotions and patterns of behaviour
  • Introduce you to the tools to enable you to view your current perceptions of life in an objective manner
  • Bring awareness as to why you might be repeatedly experiencing certain physical states, emotions, behaviours, responses from others and events in your life
  • Support you to view both yourself and others from a different perspective, bringing about transformation in your relationship with yourself, your significant other, your children, parents, friends and colleagues etc

The challenge is that in life you don’t see what you are not looking at. You know that something is not working for you, particularly when you are experiencing the stresses that come along with life shaking events. You often experience these stresses through symptoms such as weight gain/loss cycles, physical pain, disease and/or emotional responses such as anxiety, depression, fatigue etc and look for external sources to help you remove or avoid the pain you are experiencing.

When you are struggling to find relief from these symptoms, you can descend into a spiral of heavy feelings of being stuck along with a sense of frustration and helplessness.

There is good news – you are actually neither stuck or helpless! You already possess everything that you need inside of you to thrive and it’s all within you to create an exciting and compelling journey. BEING ME will help you shine a light on the hidden ghost stories within the Old You that no longer serve you and to usher in the New You, your best self!

You don’t find something if you are looking for it where it is not. It’s when you transform what, how and where you are looking, things about you and around you start to shift too.

Upon completion of the BEING ME programme you will have an understanding of how and why you currently perceive the world around you as you do and the tools to bring about change within your life, including:

  • Understanding how you process incoming information and how this influences your internal thought creation and outward communications
  • How your underlying beliefs and values are created, and how the meanings that you give to your experiences form the foundations of your current patterns of behaviour
  • Recognition of the needs that underlie all human behaviour and how your attempts to meet these needs are shaping your physical, mental and emotional world
  • How and why your brain is both your closest ally and your toughest critic and how to shift what you see when you look at yourself and others in the mirror of life
  • Understanding what “everything is energy” really means and how you can direct this energy to change how you show up in the world and how you connect to others
  • Tools to access your current beliefs, meanings and thoughts and how to reframe these, resulting in changes in your awareness which directly impact the way you think, behave and interact with the world around you

Whilst we might be discussing some challenging subjects, it’s a really enjoyable programme where you also poke a bit of fun at the journey of life.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

How does this Programme work?

The BEING ME immersion contains 12 modules. Each module includes a 90 minute 1:1 session which can be done face-to-face (Auckland) or via Zoom/FaceTime/Messenger, along with supporting videos and written material.

The order of the modules can be tailored around what’s occurring in your life right now, providing you with a safe place without judgement to share your challenges, worries, fears, circumstances etc. I appreciate that the journey of transformation can feel like a solitary quest and a lonely place to find yourself. I am here to support you, see you, hear you and walk with you on your journey.

I also appreciate that life can get busy, so you can set the pace of how quickly you progress through each module, but no faster than 1 module per week. I encourage you to take the things that you discover about yourself from each module out into the world and to immerse yourself into the game of life armed with this awareness, rather than rushing just to get your homework finished!

Keen to find out more?

Heidi Davidson - transformation practitioner at My Thinking Out LoudIf you’d like to know more or you are ready to experience the BEING ME immersion, please contact Heidi Davidson on mobile 021599200 or via our Contact Me form.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting your journey towards thriving as your best self.

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