The Aware Woman Intensive with Anna Schaumkel – 2 Day Personal Immersion

Designed for you, the career orientated woman who is searching for the elusive work/life balance formula that will gives you more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want.

More joy, more personal productivity, more love, more clarity, more time for you without the 'must, should, if only' narrative that results in exhaustion and a mind that won’t switch off.

The Aware Woman Intensive offers a proven formula for self awareness that empowers you to think, act and create beyond your current view so that you have the capacity to choose the work/life balance that is unique and self-loving for you.

Anna Schaumkel has over 10 years experience as a Certified Senior Enhances Awareness Mentor, Coach and Facilitator of Pathway To Mindfulness workshops with Read more about Anna here.

The Aware Woman Intensive is presented for the first time in Auckland, New Zealand hosted by My Thinking Out Loud and is exclusively limited to 10 participants ensuring dedicated one on one time and powerful group interactions throughout the two day immersion.

Immersion Overview:
This 2 day intensive is dedicated to acknowledging what you deeply know about yourself and understanding why you are blocked at confidently embodying your authentic self. What you already know is that you are an exceptional woman that has influence, strength and value. However, somewhere along the way you have become lost, disconnected, tired and more often than not disillusioned about what is possible for you in your life.

What IF we told you that being an Aware Woman starts with acknowledging that you have become lost or disconnected? You have to know what you don’t want in the depth of your soul in order to surrender to new possibilities that embody your worthiness and power.

Next runs on: 27th - 28th October 2018

Times: Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-5pm

Immersion Facilitator: Anna Schaumkel

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Cost: $997 includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & refreshments provided on both days.  Please advise any special dietary requirements at time of booking.


It is not an easy path to make radical change no matter how much you passionately desire it. That's because you endeavour to make change inside of what is already familiar to you, your known zone.

The Aware Woman Intensive inspires you to reach outside your known zone starting with an Awareness Mindset. You will discover that many of your self-limiting beliefs are contained within one story which in fact is based on the past. As you become aware of your story and how it impact on your self-worth, you then become aware of how to choose alternatives that are strengthening and self-loving. You are free to create a new narrative following a proven formula for lasting success.

It is our focus to impart to you the knowledge and practical application of change grounded in western mindfulness techniques so that YOU have the power to change your perspective about yourself and your relationships and ultimately change the trajectory of your future.

It's our intention to enable you to:

  • Move forward with an awareness mindset - without fear of repeating the past.
  • Rebuild trust and reframe your personal narrative.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your motives and desires.
  • Strengthen your self-belief and self-worth practicing the power of choice.
  • Strategise empowering self-loving alternatives using the Mindfulness formula.

You will also receive:

  • A high quality Aware Woman manual with the unique Awareness Assessments and Mindfulness Strategies.
  • Our gifts to you include an empowering 56-day Mindfulness Journal to continue practicing and strengthening your Awareness Mindset.
  • A free check-in call with Anna post the immersion
  • Invite to join online forum

Testimonials from previous attendees:
Before the retreat I was feeling tired and rundown. I was searching for some life direction and life time purpose. I actually said to Anna Schaumkel on my arrival that I didn’t want to go to my grave with the legacy of just working a job.

During the course/retreat I found that my work and personal life values were out of kilter. I discovered the lifelong story that has been holding me back. Anna was brilliant at helping me discover this and dragging out of me in a very gentle way some in-depth aspects ingrained in who I am. She is just brilliant at understanding ones story and her ability to articulate exactly what I was trying to express is phenomenal.

I highly recommend this course to anyone that is feeling burnt out; constantly rushing between work and home. This course is something unique in discovering your own mindset and providing you with the practical and tailor made tools to change/upgrade ones mindset and more importantly finding fulfillment and purpose in your life.

This course is extremely dynamic. I haven’t come across anything like it in my years of personal development discovery. It is very synced and thorough, but more importantly you come out of it with personable actionable tools that will change ones old belief and mindset patterns for the better.
Michelle, Commercial Business


I was already committed to a high level business coaching program when I considered attending the 2 day intensive. Any investment in time needs a return and I wanted assurance that it would be of value. Anna was very direct that this workshop offered a different prospective and would enhance my development. She was right. The content and delivery was precisely what I am requiring at this time as I have been navigating the total change of everything that was familiar in my life and in my career. Anna’s gentle guidance through each step of this program really resonated with me. Thank you. I look forward to integrating what I now know and realising all I am now equipped to create.
Sally G, Lifestyle Design


Anna has a trusting, professional and charismatic nature which made me feel comfortable to share personal topics and take on board her experienced, relevant and insightful advice. I also found Anna’s high level of communication and follow-up emails extremely professional and reassuring. I am so grateful for the happiness in my life and Anna has encouraged me to keep creating more of this my journey of self-awareness. Thank you so much.
Samantha W. Marketing Director

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