Here's what my clients have to say about their Personal Immersion and PureBioenergy experiences.


Charity Founder
I met Heidi recently and tried out PureBioenergy with her. Heidi is an incredible woman, loads of fun, relaxing and uplifting to be around. I really enjoyed the 4 days and the calm space I got to be in during and following the sessions. I am looking forward to learning more about PureBioenergy.


Self Employed
Heidi made me feel comfortable and understood from the moment I walked through the door. I suffered from excessive bowel problems which have much improved. Also my sleep is better and the overall outlook more positive. I could feel an immediate effect even after the first treatment. Heidi takes the time to talk through various aspects of the treatment and healing process, something I had not experienced yet with previous PureBioenergy treatments. Thank you Heidi!


Business Owner
My 11 year old son has mild autism and was in a bad space before meeting Heidi. After only four sessions of PureBioenergy, he appears to have reset himself into a much more positive frame of mind, which has continued for the past few weeks. It really has been amazing what a difference Heidi made to his wellbeing. She is also a lovely woman who made my son feel very comfortable and adapted her strategies to ensure that he was fully engaged throughout the treatment process. We will definitely be back on a regular basis to maintain this new optimistic outlook.


Business Owner
Thanks Heidi, WITHIN or WITHOUT was a great event to be involved in. You were great, full of passion for your topic and enthusiasm sharing your own personal examples. It's a really important current topic certainly as lives are getting busier and faster, we are understanding more about humans and people are more open to working on themselves. It was a great reminder that everything is energy I still get blown away by that concept! You also made everyone feel really relaxed and comfortable which made for a nice atmosphere for a personal immersion.


Yoga Instructor
I had 4 sessions of PureBioenergy with Heidi. It was like nothing I have never experienced before! She helped me further release my anxiety/depression during each session. Through these sessions, I feel I’ve emotionally regained my strength, self-acceptance, forgiving and loving. Physically, I’ve started sleeping through the night which hasn’t happened over the last 3 years. Now, I can feel that my inner strength is returning. Heidi has helped me back onto my path from a place of feeling very lost. Her work is sometimes intense but I’ve had lots of realisations about my personal patterns, which I’m now able to change moving forward.


Business Owner
Heidi, clearly you love this work & know it well. You deliver it with confidence and humour. I liked the use of personal examples, which were refreshing, disarming and humanising. WITHIN or WITHOUT was a great reminder for me that life is an illusion and not to take it all so seriously. Oh and the damn mirroring - how did I not see that?


Business Owner
I had an acute skin condition on my arms that wasn’t healing. The surface was very inflamed and was also on my lower calves and ankles. This was both stressful and tiring. After 4 weeks with no relief, I was fortunate enough to meet with Heidi. The first of the 4 sessions of PureBioenergy was very calming. I felt like having a sleep afterwards. The heat seemed to dissipate from my arms and legs which was a great relief. There were noticeable differences with the inflammation continuing to settle down with the following sessions. The whole experience is relaxing for body, mind and spirit. Surprisingly, I also had more energy after the following sessions. Heidi said that the treatment would continue to work over 10 days and she was right. I experienced a clearing out through the skin on my arms and this allowed the skin to heal. I am so thankful for Heidi’s skill and genuine caring nature. This has been an amazing experience with wonderful results. Thank you Heidi!


Super active, young at heart retiree
I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 30+ years for which I take pain medication daily. Due to the constant pain in my body it often hurts to be touched so when the opportunity arose to experience an alternative way of approaching my physical pain without being massaged or manipulated, I jumped at it. Day 1 – I could feel a pull backwards and forwards movement. It very calm. When Heidi put her hands on my left shoulder where I had pain before, after the treatment this pain had gone. Also Heidi worked around on my knees, legs and feet. I left treatment feeling very relaxed and positive. I don’t know how this wonder woman does what she does but I could certainly feel something different. Day 2 – Heidi worked on my neck as well today. I had done a long walk in the morning and felt good from previous days treatment. My left toe could feel a sensation almost like a numbing for a short time afterwards and my left shoulder felt better. Day 3 – Had a short walk then a Powerhooping class. I felt this a bit in my shoulders and a very dull ache in my knees and legs. Heidi worked on these areas again and the aching subsided. Again I was feeling a slight numbness in my left big toe. Day 4 – Powerhooping class then treatment. Today I didn’t feel too much in the way of sensations. My experience has been a very calming one. Heidi’s treatment is very alternative you might say. She hardly touches my body but it’s interesting to say the least. She is very professional. I don’t understand the process fully but I’m totally looking forward to my next 10 days and the energy working inside my body which I know it is currently.
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