Personal Immersions – 1:1 Conversations

Are you happy? It’s a simple question, which often has a not so simple answer.

Personal Immersion 1:1 conversations are for people who are either seeking something different or who are already experiencing change in their lives. Immersion conversations guide people to ask questions of themselves that reveal answers which may otherwise have remained hidden. These conversations provide insights and tools to support your unique journey of transformation. 

Our 1:1 immersions conversations are for you, if:

  • you’re not as happy with your personal life and/or relationship situation as you’d like to be
  • you are caught in the on again, off again weight cycle
  • you have big changes to navigate, whether or not they’re of your choosing
  • you are experiencing the physical symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue etc
  • you are feeling stuck in a rut or experiencing repeated cycles of situations occurring in your world
  • you are missing a sense of purpose in your personal or professional life
  • you’re at a crossroad and are not sure which direction to take


We’ve been there, right where you’re standing now

Objectively exploring your life experiences takes personal courage, space, time and an experienced guide. We can help you move away from the exhausting cycle of struggling with the symptoms that show up in your life, instead helping you to explore your hidden ghost stories which lie beneath all your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

We’ve personally walked a similar path of exploring these ghosts and understand the challenges as well as the peace and thriving that taking this journey can create.



Small awareness shifts can lead to massive change

Join us for a 1:1 Conversation and – within a safe, secure and compassionate environment – uncover your story and set yourself on the path to living your life to your fullest potential.

All you need to bring is your desire for a life of something more and your courage to explore yourself in a safe and compassionate place.


If you would like to explore how a 1:1 Conversation could benefit you, please Contact Me here or phone 021 599 200.

We also run Group Immersions – see upcoming Group events



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