Outside voice – I’m really excited to do the fire walk!

Inside voice – You’ll probably wimp out of it like you always do.

Outside voice – If thousands of other people can do it, so can I.

Inside voice – But you’re a wuss, you’ll probably freak out and make an idiot of yourself in front of everyone.

Outside voice – I’ve got this, it’s only 8-10 steps max, how hard can it be.

Inside voice – What if you trip!?! Oh no, they are loading on more fresh coals, aarrrrgggh!

Outside voice – I’ve got this, I’ve got this, I’ve got this.

Inside voice – WTF! OMG!

Body – Walks 10 steps on searing, sizzling coals with bare feet

Outside voice – Woooooo hoooooo! I did it! That was so easy and didn’t hurt at all! Felt like I was walking on warm popcorn!

Inside voice – Well that was a bit of a non-event, what was all the fuss about. Oh look, what’s happening over there…..

This was the exact conversation going on in my head last Thursday evening as I completed the fire walk during the Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within event in Sydney. 

The inside voice is of course the voice of fear, or as it’s more commonly termed, stress. When we feel stressed out we are actually feared out, perceiving that something which threatens our safety and security is occurring. This threat can be mental, physical, emotion or spiritual, and it can be both real or perceived, as the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference. This fear can come from the past, present or future, it matters not, all we know is that it’s there and our whole body senses it in real time.

Our subconscious mind wants to ensure we stay alive, so it’s perfectly natural that when we sense a threat of any type, our autonomic nervous system switches us into a state of readiness to fight, freeze or flee from that which might harm us. This threat could be anything from a difficult conversation, a tough workout, challenges at the office or at home, through to stepping into an amazing opportunity that could take your life in an exciting new direction. 

Understanding how to shift yourself into a peak state physically, mentally and emotionally is the key to not getting burnt whilst walking on hot coals, and it’s also the key to shifting fear from being an adversary into a lively dance partner.  Fundamentally, it’s all about mind over matter.