In this introductory 7 Day online video series we explore the connection between your sense of safety and your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

More specifically we explore how your sense of personal safety and your body weight may be linked.

Struggle occurs when your physiology is in conflict with your willpower.

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever tried to follow a restrictive diet and/or intensive exercise regime, that over time physiology usually wins the battle and either stops you from achieving or maintaining the desired physical change.

My aim is to help you to explore what may lie beneath your own sense of emotional struggle with weight loss. And we will do this together without mentioning food, exercise, hormones or supplements etc.

You can set yourself up to create your own path of least resistance as you go about your weight loss journey. You can interact with the invisible aspects of yourself that you may not have been aware of before and you can shift these to work for you, rather than against you.

We explore weight loss from the perspective of what underlies all sustainable transformation, which is focusing on exploring the root cause(s) of your weight challenge. We divert our attention away from looking at the exhausting symptoms which show up within your thinking, emotions and result in your eating behaviours.

You have to eat. It’s a fundamental necessity of life. You’ve had to eat multiple times a day up until now and you are going to have to eat multiple times a day for the rest of your life. That’s reality.

But what you don’t have to do is to keep thinking, feeling and behaving the same way you always have up until now.

Wouldn’t life be much more peaceful if you never had to really pay attention to your food anymore?

This is your opportunity to start making visible what might be invisible to you right now about your weight loss challenges. Once you can see it, you can say it and you can then transform it.


Introduction – A little bit about me (Heidi) and my own weight loss journey challenges

Day 1 – Exploring your Bubble and your inbuilt Security System

Day 2 – Exploring your body’s Signalling System and those little movements of energy we call Emotions

Day 3 – Electrical Storms and how we begin to learn to bring about calm after these storms

Day 4 – Your body’s need to find balance and what may happen when the regulation process is interrupted

Day 5 – How ghosts impact your body, the brain’s need to find meaning and the hook emotion of shame

Day 6 – Thoughts and behaviours that result from attempts to calm the Bubble

Day 7 – How to disintegrate thoughts, what resistance really means and reconnecting to yourself again