Your external world is just a continual stream of waves of energy being transmitted and received by you.  How you interpret what these waves mean and what you do with them next is up to you.

Consider this – your manager is talking to you during a performance review.  Sound waves from their voice funnel into your ear canal, and this causes your eardrum to move as a vibration. These vibrations pass through the ossicles to the cochlea causing the fluid within here to move.  The movement of this fluid causes the hair cells to bend. These hair cells create neural signals which are picked up by the auditory nerve, which then sends signals to the brain where they are interpreted as sounds.

Sound waves were all that was transmitted from your manager to you.  Everything from the point that these waves entered your ear canal is all you.

So how then is it possible that sound waves can result in you leaving a performance review feeling elated, deflated, negated?

These sound waves might even be the catalyst for a big change in your circumstances, you might even decide to resign and move to the other side of the world. Or you might experience a whole new level of enthusiasm for your current work and feel excited about coming in again tomorrow

Well it’s all down to you.  Literally, it’s all you. It’s your interpretation of these external waves which run your life. There is nothing in your external world except energy.  That’s all you will ever receive and it’s also all that you can ever transmit back into the world. 

I think that’s worth thinking about, don’t you?

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