The Oxford Dictionary definition of the word Transformation is “A marked change in form, nature, or appearance.”

Given this definition and with so much continued investment in Business Transformation programmes, how many initiatives have you either led or been exposed to where you as an individual have personally experienced “a marked change in form, nature or appearance”?

The underlying desire of any Business Transformation is to shift the current ‘set point’ of business activity and behaviour, as part of an evolutionary process to ensure its survival.

However, businesses at their core are simply people working in service to other people, so it stands to reason that to achieve sustainable change the real value is in empowering the shift of the ‘awareness set point’ of the individuals who work within it.


Have you ever considered that the word ‘We’ (i.e. a connection, group or business) is just a reflection of ‘Me’ (i.e. an individual) and vice versa? A change in one always has a direct impact upon the other.

Human behaviour is much like the setting of a thermostat within a temperature controlled room, you can open the windows or add more heaters to affect the current temperature, but over time the system will adjust itself to return the heat of the room to the level that it is programmed at.  Just as human behaviour tends to return to its subconscious programmed state when it remains unobserved.

Having spent 20+ years delivering Business Transformation initiatives for large companies across a range of industries, the focus is often on implementing new technology, processes or methodologies and systems training along with activities aimed at achieving cultural shifts based upon these new ways of working.

Effectively, this is asking people to DO different things based upon the strategic direction of the business, rather than empowering them to become aware of their current programming which then enables them to BE more present within themselves, their work, with family and friends etc.

We believe that this DOING approach to Business Transformation misses the key component to achieving sustainable transformation and within a short period of time, the business will return to its current ‘set point’, unless the set point itself is readjusted.


Our Transformation Immersions enable individuals to become aware of their own subconscious set point which then enables them to understand WHY they see their world, work, other people, life challenges etc the way that they currently do. And we then provide them with the guidance and support on the journey to shift themselves towards empowerment at their own pace which is when sustainable shifts occur.

We offer a range of Immersion options including a 1 Day Introduction, 2 – 4 Day Intensives, 2 Hour Weekly or Fortnightly Deep Dives.  These Immersions can be delivered to Groups or Individuals onsite or offsite, and can be tailored to fit into a wider Business Transformation programme.

It’s our mission to guide and support businesses and individuals through these upwardly empowering awareness shifts. It’s when we really understand our own WHY that we have the power to create new empowering and fulfilled realities for ourselves and to lift those around us as well.

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