How do you personally release built up energy from your physical body i.e. what is your energy vent(s)?

Everybody has their own unique approach to the expressing of internal energy which is created as a result of food, drink, thoughts, hormones, emotions etc. Some people choose to pound the pavement at speed, whilst others choose yoga. Alternatively there’s those who chat with friends on the phone for hours, or those that choose to sit in the blissful peace of silence doing absolutely nothing. 

We have no doubt all experienced the good feelings that can flood our bodies after exercise, sex, crying, being listened to or laughing so hard that your tummy hurts, and on the flip side have also experienced what it feels like to be physically tense, stressed, have increased mental chatter and to be a bit (or a lot) pissed off either with certain people, situations or with the world in general. 

There’s much talk about the subject of self-care, taking time out to do the things that you enjoy in life and that bring on those good feelings, but at the heart of this, aren’t we really just talking about being aware of what our vent(s) are, and opening these to allow energy to move through us freely in our own uniquely personal way. 

But what happens when our own vent(s) are closed and/or we inadvertently block the vents of others? Energy is in constant flow. Life is always in motion so things are always happening around us, for us or to us. Therefore energy is always circulating within our bodies and if there’s limited or no releasing, we may find ourselves venting in ways such as aggression (either overt or passive aggressiveness), materialism (“I’ll feel better when I have….”) and/or avoidance (acting or reacting based upon our subconscious patterns rather than the truth of a situation).  

Buddhist teachings refer to these states as the Three Poisons (Hatred, Greed and Delusion) which are the poisonous toxins of life, resulting in dis-ease on both a physical and mental level. Is it as simple as us not being aware of or not using our vent(s) effectively that can result in feelings of pain, unhappiness and suffering?

So back to my original question….what is your energy vent(s)? And is your vent open?

And might you be inadvertently blocking the vents of others in such ways as trying to ‘fix’ things by giving advice when your friend/partner/child/parent/colleague just wants to talk, or by soothing the pain of others through distraction, food or alcohol, or by pushing others to be busy when they are actually seeking solace, or simply trying to control what others do, think and say?