If you have told me after 30+ years of struggle with my weight and being caught in the yo-yo-yo loss/gain cycle, that I would be finally able to change my body without any real struggle, diet or exercise programme, I would have laughed out loud and asked ‘what’s the catch and how much money do you want from me?’
But here I am! How is it possible that I’ve lost 30kgs+ and transformed my body to be fit, flexible and fabulous, not only without any sense of struggle, but also not having spent a cent on diets, supplements, fitness programmes or any other sort of professional help?
Well, after all my previous efforts of trying to use my willpower to change my behaviour following programmes, I decided instead to amalgamate all the skills I’d acquired from my 20+ year career in Business Transformation, along with 4 years of research into human behaviour to transform myself.
I wanted to use myself as a test case to prove or disprove my theory that following a simple 5 step approach to transformation that I’d developed for myself, would work. This 5 step transformation approach does not pay any attention to what you eat or how you exercise, in fact, it doesn’t mention them at all.
Why? Because how you eat and exercise are just behaviours. Behaviours are at the tail end of a transformation process, they are literally Step 5. They are just the resulting actions of what occurs within the 4 steps that proceed them. Paying attention to your Step 5 behaviours means you have to use your limited willpower every day in an attempt to control what you do.
Wouldn’t you prefer an approach that results in you no longer even having thoughts about your weight and your body? For eating to simply be a non-issue? Something that you don’t need to pay any attention to whatsoever?
That’s what I wanted. I wanted to not have to think about the when/what/how of food and I wanted to be able to go about my daily life without giving a thought to how I looked. I wanted to stop fighting with my thoughts and behaviour. Most of all I wanted to be at peace with myself.
If you are experiencing struggles with your weight then you probably know what it feels like to be in a bare knuckle fight with yourself every day. You know you are been enthusiastic at the beginning of the each new diet or exercise regime, only to find yourself days, weeks or month down the track fighting the same old control battle. Not to mention all the negative thoughts and emotions about yourself that continually cycle through you every day, which eat away at your confidence and sap your energy. Or you may have just reached the point where you have given up the fight altogether. You’ve just resigned yourself to having to live with your weight, because it’s who you are.
It’s like a tug of war where you are holding both ends of the rope yourself. It’s pointless, exhausting and soul sucking. The fight consumes all your sense of power, confidence and self-worth.
Neither your brain nor your body feel like they are on your side, in fact they’ve become your mortal enemies and they seem to betray you at every turn for their own amusement. And what makes it worse is that they flaunt your weight struggles for everyone else to see, which opens a whole other can of emotional worms!
In a world filled with people suffering with physical, mental and emotional symptoms, I want to help people to resolve their challenges at the root instead, as I’ve learned to do. I help people to make their invisible visible, enabling them to transform their lives.
There is a struggle free way to walk your weight loss journey. You can create a path of least resistance for yourself.
If you’d like to know how come and join my free Introductory Online Video series from 1st-8th October 2021 where I’ll share my 5 Step transformation approach with you. Details of this event can be found here
Every new journey starts with a choice.
What’s more when we make a choice to resolve things at the root for ourselves, we don’t unwittingly push our challenges onto those around us or pass them onto the next generations.
When we know more, we can be more and we can live more.