If you can humour me for just a minute and curl both your hands into fists and squeeze them really tight. Keep squeezing and reading…..

With your fists squeezed tightly, you have full control over your fingers and thumbs. If you squeeze hard enough you can feel the blood pumping around, it feels like you have a heart beat within your hands. It’s difficult for somebody else to pry your hands open. It’s one of the first subconscious reflexes of a newborn baby, to grip onto something. With your fists tightly clenched you can still physically move objects around by pushing them, and you can move these objects at any intensity you want, with force or with great gentleness.

In fact there are endless things in life you can still do with clenched fists like walking, talking, working, running, dancing, laughing, sleeping, eating, singing etc. You can still do all these things, but how much ease do you feel whilst doing them? When your attention is being directed towards keeping your hands under control by clenching your fists, some of your energy is not available to be used in other ways, and maybe that means not being aware of the metaphorical sliding doors that life presents.

And then there is the inevitable ache that will develop in your fingers, hand and arms, which over time will radiate into other parts of your body. You may feel this pain intensely at first, but then over time if may subside into a dull ache or appear to disappear completely because you can no longer feel it.

Are you still squeezing tightly? How’s that feeling now? Would you like to carry on with this control experiment for the next 3 minutes? Or how about continuing to squeeze for another 30 minutes, 30 hours, 30 days, 30 weeks, 30 months or maybe 30 years?

The clenched fists are of course an analogy for the things we attempt to control in life. It’s often the attempt to control that drives the choices we make and these in turn create our reality. The choices we make are what results in how we act, who we interact with, what we place our attention on, how much ease we feel and ultimately the life journey we create.

If you now slowly unclench your fists, relax your hands and look around yourself for the rest of the day, for the rest of the week, for the rest of the month, for the rest of the year…..do you hear, see, smell or notice something that you might not have noticed before? 

Your sliding doors are always fully present in your life, but are you?