In the early evening of Sunday 5th August 2018 I found myself standing, bent forward from the waist with my arms dangling like a rag doll, leaning so far over to the right that under normal circumstances I would lose my balance. But I don’t, in fact I can’t, it feels physically impossible. Why? Because my right shoulder is leaning on the inside of my own energy field and a lady who has an incredibly divine laugh has her hands 30cms away from me on the outside of my energy field, and I’m just resting there. Say what? Weird right!?!

My body is moving me gently into different positions and the best way I can describe the sensation is that my movement is not being created by my brain. Regardless of which position I found myself in be it arched forward, backwards, left, right or just standing straight up, the best way I can describe the experience is that I’m inside a bubble. My bubble. And what strikes me the most over and above the physical sensation is the stillness and silence.

I’m not talking about the silence in the room mind you. In fact, I happen to be in a room with 15 other people, some of whom are watching me move around inside my bubble, as I have been watching them also for the last hour, whilst others are busy chatting among themselves. There’s laughter and music playing, someone has compiled a great play list so there is a bit of foot tapping and the occasional sound of quiet singing. There is somebody else a few metres away who is currently having their own energy bubble experience, as do all 16 of us over a period of 2 hours. For everyone their experience is different, as with anything in life, it’s a unique journey.

Transformative awareness retreats by My Thinking Out LoudFor me, the silence I’m referring to is the stillness of my mental chatter, aka the monkey brain. It’s not there. I’m in that state of stillness I’ve been meditating hoping to find, and whilst I have experienced fleeting moments of this silence before, more commonly what I find are items to add to my grocery list or an oh s**t realisation that I’ve failed to reply to an email or message.

Eight days later, that same chatter hasn’t returned. And neither has the ache in my back that I’ve had for over 3 years. I’m curious to know why. I want to know why that chatter has been replaced with something quite different. It’s like somebody literally pushed my Reset button.

Anybody I’ve worked with before knows that I’m a bit of an Oliver Twist about data and that I can be incredibly annoyingly persistent with my “please sir, I want some more” data requests when I’m working on finding the root cause of a business challenge. To me, data equals fact.

So I’m curious to know why with no physical or mental exertion at all on my behalf, I experienced what I can only describe as a complete Control+Alt+Delete reboot of both my physical body and my mind. And I figured you might be curious too.

Filmed in 2004, the document THINK ABOUT IT captures others having exactly the same energy bubble experience I had earlier this month and provides insights into what PureBioenergy is.

Disclaimer:  30 days ago I had never heard of this and the above is simply a personal recount of what I experienced. I’m just a girl who through a weird life journey found herself in a bubble, and literally had a mind blowing experience. Now it’s something I just cannot unsee.