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Heidi Davidson - transformation practitioner at My Thinking Out LoudI'm Heidi Davidson and the creation of My Thinking Out Loud is my happy place in this world.

I'm a 20+ year specialist in Transformation, helping both people and businesses to look past the visible symptoms that show up, to focus their energy on addressing the root cause instead.

My desire to help people navigate through their own personal transformation started in my early 20's whilst teaching Aerobics and Personal Training. Many of the people who attending my classes and sessions would talk about their discontentment with their personal circumstances, relationships, their bodies etc (the lists were very long!) and in many instances they were also working in a role or on a career path that lacked purpose for them other than providing financial stability.


There was a similar thread to all these conversations which came back to an inner questioning of life such as 'is this all there is for me' or 'why does this always happen to me', and a sense of being stuck with this discontentment.

And 20 years on the discussions with friends over the dinner table, with colleagues at work or random conversations with strangers always come back around (either conscious or unconsciously) to the underlying questions of who am I, what do I want and why am I here?


Following on from my fitness experience I went on to study Psychology at Massey University with a view to developing a career in mental health services, but as life would turn out I instead ended up spending 20+ years delivering business transformation programmes across a range of industries in NZ and the UK.

During this work I kept identifying that it was the art of making the invisible root cause(s) of any issue visible which ultimately determine whether sustainable transformation would be achieved for that business - it wasn't the $$$ being spent on technology. One simple root cause solution can have a Domimo effect on everything else.

My key strength is my ability to identify that the challenge(s) that individuals and businesses think they are trying to solve for, is actually just a symptom of a different underlying root issue(s).  Often the solution for the root issue are very straightforward once found, but to initially find the root cause is often a process of exploration guided by both logic and intuition.

And with life experience always being my best teacher, during my career I've also personally experienced the patterns of burnout, on again/off again weight cycles and a loss of purpose. So I know a thing or two about the impacts of stress on thinking, emotions and behaviour. Like those people I now help, I've had to walk the path of transformation myself, one foot in front of the other. Trust me, there is also a whole new state of thriving on the other side of this transformation journey.

I’m currently extending my support knowledge to help others by completing the NZ Certificate in Health & Well-being (Mental Health & Addiction). Additionally, I work and volunteer at Te Wahi Ora a retreat located in Piha, Auckland where we support and nurture women’s physical and mental health.

It's my vision to create time, space and most importantly to share my wisdom and tools with you, to help you explore and answer their own inner questions away from the views, opinions and pressures of others and daily life.

You have the power to transform anything you desire to. To achieve this, you simply shift your attention away from looking at your symptoms and focus your energy on the root cause(s) instead. I call these your hidden ghost stories. When you bring your ghosts out into the light, sustainable transformation occurs. The invisible is now visible.

What you see today of My Thinking Out Loud is just the beginning of the journey. It's all about creating the space to do life's real work in the Now, working together to explore both the challenges and the gifts of our unique existences.



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