We help people to achieve the shifts they want in life, by guiding them to become aware of the perceptions that have shaped their lives to date and support them to adopt a more fulfilling perspective.

We guide people to shift their thinking from invisible to visible, literally enabling them to think out loud. Once you can see it, you can say it. This is transformation.

It seems logical that because we have lived with ourselves for a lifetime already, we should know why we think as we do and why we interact with life in the way that we do.

However our thoughts and emotions have roots below the level of our conscious mind and are primarily based on our perceptions of past events.

Our perceptions are what shape our views of the world and through these we filter everything and everyone we interact with. It's the application of this filter which creates the mental, emotional and physical reality we live in today.

Once we can become aware of and observe our own thinking out loud, things in our inner world and outer world begin to shift.

When you transform the way you look at things.
The things you look at transform.

Our uniquely effective approach to transformation takes you through a process of delving into why you’ve made the choices you’ve made throughout your life.

The awareness you’ll gain will enable you to create a new personal reality.

That moment when it all becomes clear… and you wonder why you couldn’t see it before.

These simple and powerful realisations teamed with a different approach to making choices moving forward, give you the power to shift things within your life, not just for now but for good.

Our immersions are for you, if:

  • you’re not as happy with your life as you’d like to be
  • you have big changes to navigate, whether or not they’re of your choosing
  • you are feeling stuck in a rut or are seeing repeated patterns or events appearing in your world
  • you are missing a sense of purpose
  • you’re at a crossroad and are not sure which direction to take


We’ve been there, right where you’re standing now.

Exploring your invisible thinking takes courage, space, time and an experienced team of guides.

Our team have personally travelled a similar path (we have literally walked many miles in your shoes) and understand the challenges as well as the peace and fulfillment that undertaking the journey back to you creates.


Subtle shifts in perception lead to massive transformation

Join us on at one of our immersions and – within a safe, secure and compassionate environment – uncover your thinking and set yourself on the path to living your life to your fullest potential.

All you need to bring is your desire for a life of something more and your courage to explore the world through a different lens.

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